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3D Coordinate measuring machine
The machine measures the size of parts easily and minutely by three dimensions
3D Printing System
Product design, as a way to shorten the development period usually done by hand to produce Mock-up Cad / Cam and procedures to use.
Audition room
The room is used to appreciate music and estimate sound.
Anechoic Chamber
The room has a low degree of reverberation of sound from wall and excluded outside sounds.
The instrument is for producing frequency signal and testing sound quality.
The equipment measures SPL,THD, IMP & TS Parameter.
Salt Spray Test Chanber(SJ-ST-C600)
The device evaluates corrosion resistance of materials such as aluminum and anodized coating metal.
Environment Test Chamber
The equipment is for testing Hot/Cold Temperatures & humidity Resistence.
X-ray Fluorescence(SEA 1000A)
- The equipment is used to analyze component of Organic / inorganic materials. - The equipment is used in the analysis of environmentally harmful substances & quality assurance.
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