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Greeting from CEO

"Enriching lives of our customers through innovations in sound"

Welcome and thank you all for visiting the EMSONIC homepage.

EMSONIC is a global producer of diverse audio products and internal / external TV speakers, serving clients all around the world.

Established in1972, EMSONIC now produces over 3 million units of audio products per month, for the very best players in the global market. Our products range from high-end audio systems such as sound bars, multi-media speakers, and home theater systems, to everyday use products like AI speakers.

Based in South Korea, Emsonic’s Headquarter is in Gumi. We have two Research and Development centers, one in Gumi and the other in Namdong Incheon, specializing in sound studies. There are now two overseas production sites, one in Yantai China, and a newly established site in Jakarta Indonesia. And with these global operation sites, we are looking to better serve our customers in the global market.

Our core values revolve around our customers. The utmost value we strive to achieve is open communication with our customers. And passion for customers is at the heart of our DNA.

On the path to achieving our vision and goals, EMSONIC will continue to invest in research and develolment, as well as in the young and talented human resources. And as a leader in sound innovation we will continue to develop products that will help our customers lead better lives.

Thank you.

Seong Su Jang
President & CEO